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Remote Work

The dimension of a working world without borders

We believe that the future of work will involve mostly remote positions. This is intriguing as it has its advantages, and it allows and empowers both employers and employees to select according to the business requirements and personal choices, respectively.

Some of the significant advantages for the businesses include: 

  • access to diversity & talent 

  • hire the best fit from any place around the globe

  • better productivity with a focused approach and less disruption

  • better work schedule and business models

Some of the significant advantages for the employees include:

  • No commute time

  • Flexible working hours

  • Work-life balance

  • Freedom to relocate

We support you - when you need the right talent. Whether it is for short-term temporary assistance or long-term strategic positions, we have the expertise to help.


Recruitment Solutions

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Modern Work Space

Complete HR Solutions.

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Our Integrated HR Solutions offer a broad spectrum of HR services for small and medium-sized companies. Our mission is to provide customizable HR management solutions that help organizations make their workforce a competitive advantage.


Optimize your workforce efficiency & Reduce Cost

Dedicated Team of HR Expert
Available as per your requirement

  • Extensive advice and guidance related to Employment Law and access to HR expertise through dedicated HR Experts

  • Effective implementation process and information on any new legislative changes that affect the organization

  • Coaching and training on any Human Resources issues

  • Consultation and information including Benefits, Complaint investigation, and employee relation processes


Audit Support & Special Projects

  • Acquisition & Mergers support

  • Quality Management Systems Audit

  • Business Intelligence reports analyzing workforce and skillsets

Informative Interview
Casual Business Meeting

Subject Matter Experts

Fully versed in every operational area of HR Management, including:

  • HR Strategy

  • Labor relations

  • Complaint Investigations

  • Employment Dispute resolution

  • Outplacement

  • Compensation

  • Recruitment

  • Performance Management

  • Leadership Training

  • Psychometrics Assessment Reports


What we do

Solutions for Success

HR Career Works offers user-friendly, integrated payroll & HR software with a robust interface, backed by flexible services to suit the business needs.


Payroll Services

Business Meeting

Cloud-based Payroll

Our efficient, user-friendly, secure payroll software manages your payroll at any time and on any device.

Data Protection & Specialist Support

Keep your employees' data secure. Our dedicated team helps with queries and provide support, ensuring that employees get paid on time.


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User-friendly Software

Customized Services

Learning Management System


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